Institute Innovation Council (IIC)

  • About IIC VIP : To encourage an innovation-based ecosystem on campus, VIVA Institute of Pharmacy established the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC). IIC promotes creativity in faculty and students by assisting them in working with fresh concepts and turning them into prototypes. In order to foster a dynamic atmosphere for start-ups and entrepreneurship, IIC always ready to hosts a variety of brainstorming sessions and competitions.
  • Objectives of IIC VIP : To create a system with a clear infrastructure on our campus that can retrain both our students and faculty to innovate and paradigm their ideas, research, and innovations in accordance with health care industry standards, spreading an entrepreneurial culture and promoting national economic and social development.
  • IIC established from year: Academic year 2021-22 (Establishment date: 04/05/22)
  • Constitution : Academic Year: 2022-23:
    Capacity Name
    Head of the Institute Dr. Sunita Ogale
    President Dr. Sunita Ogale
    Convener (Chairman Incubation Cell) Dr. Sanghadeep Gajbhiye
    Vice President Shikha Shukla
    Innovation Activity Coordinator Dr. Vaishali Shah
    Startup Activity Coordinator Sachinkumar Pandey
    IPR Activity Coordinator Sachinkumar Pandey
    Social Media Coordinator Dr. Vaishali Shah
    ARIIA Activity Coordinator Sagar Chaudhari
    NIRF Activity Coordinator Priti Patil
    Internship coordinator Neha Laxane
    Member Shradha Nalawade
    Member Dr. Jineetkumar Gawad
    Students Member Activity/Capacity
    Lavish Parmar Innovation Co-ordinator
    Anushka Kumbhar Innovation Co-ordinator
    Neha Pujari Startup Co-ordinator
    Kritika Mishra Startup Co-ordinator
    Shreya Jha Internship Co-ordinator
    Taiba Shaikh IPR Co-ordinator
    Vinayak Singh Social Media Co-ordinator
    Chinmayee Patil Member
    Nawaz Khan Member
    Dhanashree Pawar Member