Achievements of Faculty

Sr. no. Name of the Faculty Achievements
2022 - 2023
1 Sachinkumar Pandey Third Prize Topic: Exploring allo-metallic formulations A promising remedy for emerging issues of topical antifungals. Name of Conference: International conference on New Horizon in Drug Discovery and Development: Recent issues and Challenges. Organized by: Mahakal institute of Pharmaceutical studies, Ujjain in association with APTI M.P. State branch on Date: 24-03-2023
2 Prof. Priti Patil Analytical tool comparison of polymer pockets. Name of Conference: Innovation Optimization: A new paradigm for the development of pharmaceuticals. Organized by: Principal K.M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy, Mumbai. Date: 25-03-2023.
3 Pallavi Duse Received 1st prize in poster presentation on impurity profiling study of Ciclesonide in IDCCR Conference held at Chitkara university Punjab Chitkara university Punjab
4 Sushruta Mulay Participated in poster presentation Design Development and Evaluation of Sustained Release formulation in treatment of Recurring lice infectionsin IDCCR Conference held at Chitkara university Punjab Chitkara university Punjab
2021 - 2022
1 Sachinkumar Pandey winner of Short Video making Competition (Academia Category) on topic My contribution as pharmacist during Covid 19 organized by western regional Centre association of community pharmacist of India WRC-APCI on 25 September 2021
2 Sushruta Mulay Theme selected for 10 thPharmavision 2021-22 a national level seminar at SRI Campus Vadasama, Mahesana, Gujarat. Theme: Indian Pharmacist-Serve Society Serve Nation
3 Sushruta Mulay Third prize in oral presentation in Excipients conference NCPEX , R.K. University, Rajkot
4 Sushruta Mulay Oral Presentation- Design Development and Evaluation of nutraceutical formulation of aloe vera with coenzyme Q10at ITM Baroda
5 Sagar Chaudhari Research projects were selected for Avishkar 2022. Development of nutraceutical Jelly.
6 Vishakha Thakur Guided a research project for Avishkar 2022 on the topic "On development of herbal formulation for psoriasis"
7 Mrs Tanvi Pingle The Best Oral Presentation" award at 6th Nirma Institute of Pharmacy International Conference (NIPiCON-IPS 2022) organised jointly by Nirma University & Indian Pharmacological Society
1 Dr. Vaishali Shah As a reviewer for oral presentation International E Conference on "Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Research" at Nirma University, Ahmedabad. 19/3/21
2 Vishakha G. Thakur (Mithari) Won Special appreciation prize in Research Scholar and Teacher category national level E Poster competition organized by Dr. D.Y.Patil Institute of Sciences and Research, Pune on "A REVIEW ON POST COVID - 19 REDEVELOPMENT PLANS".
3 Vishakha G. Thakur (Mithari) Got selected to the final round for poster presentation on PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY TO FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 organized by D.Y. Patil University school of Pharmacy, Nerul, Navi Mumbai
4 Vishakha G. Thakur (Mithari) Participated in National level E-poster competition on COVID-19 : A global Pandemic
5 Vishakha G. Thakur (Mithari) Participated in video competition of COVID-19 Hackathon, Karjat
6 Sushruta Mulay Oral Presentation A topical hydrogel of an antiinflammatory drug in treatment of Arthritis at ICMSI Rajkot
2019 - 2020
1 Dr. Kamlesh Soni Delivered lecture on Carbohydrates in drug delivery “New Horizons in the Pharma Sphere” at SVKM’s Institute of Pharmacy, Dhule on online platform dated on 4/9/20
2 Dr. Kamlesh Soni Delivered a lecture on “Ace Inhibitors” at Sterling Institute of Pharmacy, Nerul Navi Mumbai on an online platform. Dated on 9/9/20
3 Dr Vaishali Shah Delivered lecture on Overview of Nutraceuticals and its role in management of Covid 19 at APMC college of Pharmaceutical Research Himatnagar on online platform dated on 5/12/20
2018 - 2019
1 Mrs. Priti Patil Published a manual on Practical Pharmaceutical Analysis by Nirali Prakashan
2 Dr. Sanghdeep Gajabhiye presentation In 5th International Conference on Pharmaceuticals, API, Manufacturing on 15 & 16-03-2019, held at Jakarta Indonesia. Topic presented: Formulation and Development of Niosomes for antimalarial drug
3 Dr. Kamlesh Soni presentation- Carbohydrates in drug Discovery. In Bioleagues International Conference on 22 -09- 2018 at Dubai 2019-20