Institutional Distinctiveness

VIVA Institute of Pharmacy: Elevating Pharmaceutical Pedagogy for Holistic Healthcare and Professional Development of students"

VIVA Institute of Pharmacy stands as an unparalleled institution at the zenith of pharmaceutical education, embodying a visionary commitment to amalgamate traditional Indian knowledge systems with cutting-edge pharmaceutical science. This scientific discourse elucidates the institute's pioneering efforts in holistic healthcare, embracing nutraceuticals, Aahar Shastra, Yoga, herbal studies, medicinal garden and dedicated GPAT preparation course as integral components of its educational framework

1. Holistic Growth and Development of Students:

A. Industrial practice: Our Institute effectively bridges the academia-industry through its cutting-edge pilot plant dedicated to tablet manufacturing. Furnished with advanced industry-level equipment offering enhanced hands-on learning in pharmaceutical formulation and drug delivery science. This strong emphasis on practical knowledge ensures that graduates not only possess a solid theoretical foundation but are also prepared to confront the challenges inherent in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies like Ganga Pharmaceuticals Ltd, ACG Associated Capsule Pvt Ltd, Ultra Pure Ltd, Influx healthtech Pvt Ltd, micropure Pvt Ltd., and Korten Pharmaceuticals ltd etc. have been instrumental in providing our students with enriching internship opportunities and training.
The institute imparts a distinctive dimension to its academic milieu by facilitating interactions with eminent personalities by conducting regular seminars and workshops. These engagements provide students with invaluable insights, motivation, and exposure to diverse perspectives, thereby enriching their overall educational experience.
B. VIVA for the society: VIVA Institute of Pharmacy (VIP) actively fulfills its social responsibility beyond the campus through initiatives such as blood donation drives, health checkup programs, and awareness campaigns. The National Service Scheme (NSS) unit enhances students' sense of social responsibility. VIP's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in green campus initiatives, including tree plantation drives and anti-plastic days.
C. VIVA for its students: VIVA Institute of Pharmacy's commitment to professional development is exemplified through its dedicated GPAT Club: Comprehensive emotional and mental counselling available to all students, with full backing from the institute. Serving as inspirational pillars throughout the various journeys of their lives. Elevated guidance in pursuing higher education. Sports and cultural events for their personality growth. The institute proactively involves students in Pharmacy Week celebration, model making competition in pharma sciences, conducts seminars and competitions, and actively participates in esteemed research based events like the Avishkar competition.

2. "Botanical Alchemy of VIVA: Unveiling the Art and Science of Herbal Formulation" (Harvest, Harmony, Humanly) :

VIVA's significant emphasis on herbal studies is delineated through its comprehensive approach:
A. Herbal Plot: The natural classroom, the dedicated medicinal garden provides a practical and immersive experience, reinforcing theoretical knowledge through first hand observation, cultivation, and study of medicinal plants. The institute's dedication is exemplified through the meticulous upkeep of a medicinal garden and the provision of advanced research facilities, notably a pilot plant. Engaging actively in plantation activities, students cultivate a profound comprehension of pharmacognosy, thereby cultivating a keen interest in the realm of herbal drug research.
B. Unveiling the Secrets of Herbal Formulation: VIVA ensures students acquire skills to develop effective and safe herbal products, aligning with contemporary pharmaceutical standards. VIP has successfully obtained patents pertaining to the pharmacological activity of plants, underscoring its dedication to leading innovations in this domain. Furthermore, VIP has introduced a master's program in Pharmacology, with a specialized emphasis on pharmacology of herbal drugs, affording students an elevated platform for profound exploration and comprehensive evaluation.

3. VIP’s Knowledge System (IKS):

VIVA Institute of Pharmacy undertakes distinctive efforts in acknowledging the holistic nature of healthcare within the Indian context, surpassing traditional pharmaceutical paradigms. This incorporation extends beyond the conventional boundaries, recognizing the profound influence of nutritional science on holistic well-being and emphasizing the interconnectedness of dietary choices with physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.
Moreover, VIVA Institute of Pharmacy places special emphasis on the timeless practice of Yoga, considering it a cornerstone in fostering a holistic understanding of health. By incorporating ancient wisdom into contemporary education, the institute aligns with practices that harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. This approach reflects VIVA's commitment to a comprehensive and integrated approach to pharmaceutical education that transcends conventional boundaries.

The institute's unwavering commitment to preserving and advancing the Indian knowledge system is manifested through its multifaceted offerings:
A Nutraceuticals: Delving into the rich heritage of traditional Indian knowledge, VIVA Institute of Pharmacy places special emphasis on Nutraceuticals, unraveling the scientific validation of traditional ingredients for preventive and therapeutic health. Aahar Shastra (Science of Food): A distinctive feature of the Indian Knowledge System, Aahar Shastra at VIVA goes beyond nutrition, encompassing a holistic understanding of food's impact on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This form of learning was explored through workshop and project work.
B. Yoga: The integration of Yoga into the curriculum reflects VIVA's belief in the profound influence of Yoga on overall health, contributing significantly to mental and physical wellness. This form of learning is explored through seminars, webinars and workshops.